More SE K790 Issues

I already wrote about the issues I’ve been having with the Sony Ericsson K790’s navigation stick, but if you haven’t read that, here’s the post. Since then, I cleaned out the little well for the navigation stick and it seemed to ameliorate the problem, at least for a little while. The problem is now back, but with a vengeance. In other words, it’s even worse. Now there’s not even anything that I can see that could be causing the problem.

Then weird lines started appearing on the home screen – at first I thought there was something wrong with the LCD, but it turns out the wallpaper was messing up. I refreshed the theme and everything’s fine, but it still leaves me wondering why that happened in the first place.

To top it all off, my text messaging box became full a couple days ago. Whether it was pure coincidence or a result of the full text messages folder, I got a corrupted text message. The next time I checked my messages, I (to my utter amazement) had an empty inbox and sent folder. I did not delete any of my text messages. Sony Ericsson must have thought it a good idea to automatically clean out the message folders when they become full. It’s either that, or my phone has more issues than I originally thought.


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  1. Yeah, that’s sort of what I’m thinking, but there are so many items on my to-buy list (new camera, 24″ LCD, new video card…) and only a limited budget unfortunately. 🙁

  2. Alex called me on the weekend when he was at Ikea and he was baffled at how cheep some stuff is.

    Save up some of that money for furnishing the place. my top places to consider are craigslist to just find some really dirt-cheap stuff people are trying to get rid of FAST since they want to move out, and ikea cuz… admit it, ikea stuff just looks awesome.

    u send in ur cheques yet?

    Oh yeah, i was also thinking we could like… split one of those freezer units that just has a lid you open from the top, amongst the 6 of us… since I can see the majority of food being frozen (and by the looks of your last year freezer, yeah…

  3. my k790 did the exact same thing last month; first started getting corrupted text messages, then one day lost all messages in inbox and continued to get corrupted messages.

    so i did a master reset hoping the problem would go away but no luck; and i started getting the lines as well so just changed the theme.

    i guess SE put a timer in it; as soon as it hit one year it started acting up!

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