Mixing Internet and Work Lives

I’m experimenting for co-op applications this time around. Although it’s been widely recommended to keep one’s internet life and career separate, I’ve decided to place randomprocess.ca on my resume for all potential employers to see.

I’m far from perfect, which is absolutely reflected in the things that I’ve written here. However, I can’t continue denying that this website has become one of my most treasured hobbies. It is a very good reflection of the things I’m interested in. It gives some insight on how and what I think about various aspects of life and the world. It’s also an accurate measurement of the improvement in my written communications skills. I won’t lie; I sometimes cringe when reading some of the things I’ve written long in the past. But I don’t correct them or change the wording. I only cringe because I know I’ve since improved.

Yes, if you read through the archives of random process with the same criticalness as you would my resume, you’re bound to find poorly structured sentences and misspellings, but I also didn’t create this site to act as my resume. A significant amount of work has gone into creating and maintaining the content. And I now realize that it’s too much work to be kept hidden. It’s something I shouldn’t be ashamed to show anyone.

So here it is. I’m laying it all out. I’m blurring the lines between my internet and professional lives. I certainly hope this doesn’t come back to bite me one day.


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  1. I’ve had my domain on my resume for a while now and I think it just adds a level of personality to your resume. Believe me, if you’re worried of what potential employers would think, then I should be petrified. But we can’t go on living separate lives, especially if you don’t write under a pseudonym. Ultimately, adding your domain on your resume will benefit you… and it will only show how much detail you put into your written words.

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