MIX10 is underway! Windows Phone 7 Series, XBoxLive integration, third-party applications, Silverlight 4, Expression Blend 4, SDKs. Oh my! And tomorrow Internet Explorer 9, along with its hardware-accelerated engine. This is likely the most exciting MIX ever, showcasing a highly reinvigorated Microsoft. I’ve never seen so much enthusiastic press coverage of a Microsoft event.


While it’s expected that Microsoft would put the emphasis on applications for WP7S at a developer-oriented conference like MIX, the front-and-center placement of the platform during the keynote shows how much they want it to succeed. The applications shown by Joe Belfiore (Associated Press, Hush Hush Diary, Harvest) were of serious quality. Windows Phone 7 Series isn’t just a pretty face, a one-trick pony. There’s going to be some spectacular applications added to the OS by third parties. Plus, there’s a huge pool of .NET developers who I’m certain will love dabbling. I’ve already installed the SDK on my laptop.

Now we just have to hope the install base grows quickly. It’s a chicken and egg dilemma – people will buy when they see a compelling platform and developers will create applications when there is a market that can support them. I don’t mind taking the risk and jumping in as a developer right now.


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