Midterm Review at Sybase

I had my midterm review today at Sybase. Overall it went just great – apparently I’m on track to get an ‘Excellent’ evaluation at the end, one step down from the highest eval, that being ‘Outstanding’. I’ve been quite proactive in the company and it was reflected in my review. My supervisor noted my willingness to put forth ideas and have no problems with finding the people I need to work with to solve problems. And still, I am quite independent and know when to slug through a problem and when to ask for help.

A few things I need to work on – delivering more timely status updates. That’s definitely true. I was quite good with updating my supervisor in the first month of work, but that’s sort of trailed off recently. I also need to do more reading and research on enterprise computing. I’ll also admit to that – I’m definitely more up to date on the consumer side of things.

In addition to the good review, I also received some very exciting new projects to work on. Things have been a little slow while I’ve been waiting for developers to work on a few issues, so I look forward to starting these new projects.


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