Merry Christmas from PDX

It may be Christmas Eve, but less than anytime in the past does it feel like the holiday season. I don’t know if it’s due to the lack of snow in Seattle or never having worked so close to Christmas (winter break or conclusion of internships always meant I’ve had a week or so off before Christmas) or simply being older, but it does feel far less festive than I’d like.

I’m done of one of two legs in my trip back to Canada, currently sitting in Portland airport. This year, I’ve been blessed with two airports with free wifi, which but a year ago seemed rare. I’ve spent some time triaging work email (which I should really avoid doing during the break), reading up on hockey news (I can’t wait to watch hockey back home!) and writing this on my iPad. It makes the time pass rather quickly. Now if only more flights started providing free wifi as well…

As for my year in review, it’s been one of ups and downs. Finishing my degree at Waterloo was a fantastic feeling, made all the better with the knowledge that I had a good job lined up afterward. The past five months at Microsoft have been eye opening. Although co-op experience I’m certain has helped, it still could not prepare me for a career. Without having taken a single day of vacation over that time, I’m feeling a bit burnt out. The 10 days off until the new year will help me recharge for the busy times ahead.

I met some wonderful people at Microsoft during my internship, and I’m glad to say those friendships have strengthened. I’ve also become friends with many more new hires who come from all over North America (at the very least). It’s been an interesting learning experience to be truly leading my own life, but many people around me are going through the same, so we learn from each other. I’m not dead or malnourished. That must count for something. 🙂

I plan to fill the next week+ with family, friends, and food. Unfortunately, there’s no forecast for snow while I’m in Canada, so perhaps this will be the first winter I go as far as I can remember with (essentially) no snow!


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and to your family! Enjoy the break from your crazy work schedule 🙂

    I only spent one fall term not in Waterloo and we had a freak snow storm that year, so this is the first year since 2004 that I haven’t seen snow leading up to Christmas. I will add, however, that it definitely feels more like Christmas out here in suburbia than it did in the city.

    P.S. You still owe me pictures of your apartment!

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