Mercedes C300 Engine Vibration or Shutdown

PSA: I had some mysterious engine shutdowns during the startup process with my Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC (2013MY) over the past year. Symptoms were:

  • Typically on a warm start (e.g. the car had been running just a short while before, engine oil temperatures had not yet fallen to ambient)
  • On start, engine would cause severe enough vibrations to shake the car (feels unbalanced)
  • Or shortly after start, engine would spontaneously shut down (while still in Park)

This, to me, was seriously troubling. When I sent my car in for servicing, I noted the issue to the technician. An ECU update was applied and, since then, I’ve not experienced either symptom (severe vibrations nor engine shut-down). If you’re seeing these issues, take it into the shop and have them check for updated ECU software.


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