Well, I attended a meeting today that was way over my head. I came out of it with just about nothing retained. I’m still trying to figure out some of the acronyms they were throwing around. I’ve still been trying to cram all of their products and services into my head and understand the technologies behind them. Although, my manager told me today that the technical stuff isn’t really my concern. I’m supposed to focus on the actual products and services themselves. Well, as an engineering student, that’s sort of weird, but I did get hired for a business job after all. Oh no, I’m not complaining at all. I actually quite like it. I’m pretty sure I won’t lose my ability to think and analyze. Sure I’m not coding or doing anything too technical, but I still have to think critically, perhaps more critically than a technical job since I have to cover so many different facets of the products. The fusion of technology and business is great. I can’t really describe it, but it just feels right.

So I get Monday off (hooray for holidays) and next Thursday our department is going out for a day of golfing. Yes, you read right. I will be spending the whole day at a golf course, eating food, and possibly even doing a bit of golfing. Now I’m still not sure about the golfing part as anyone who’s ever gone golfing with me will know just how terrible I am. It’s sort of shameful that, as an Islander, I never learned how to golf decently well. I don’t think I’m ready to publicly humiliate myself in front of a whole bunch of soon-to-be work colleagues. šŸ˜›

I still haven’t gotten a cell phone yet. I heard from a couple other co-ops that everyone eventually gets one, but I haven’t been told anything by my manager so I’m honestly not sure if I’m getting one or not. It would be awfully weird not to get one though. I am working for a cellular provider after all.

Oh, I watched Entourage today. OMFG!!WFTLOLGGG111!!!11!! AAHHhhTTT!! šŸ˜ Watch it. Seriously. It’s getting messed.

Oh, right, I remember. I heard a familiar intro to a song playing today at the office and when I went over to see what it was, I discovered this little gem. Enjoy. šŸ™‚

Oh… sorry for the rambling post. I’ve been sort of distracted.


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