Lots of Changes Coming

So I was super pumped that I didn’t have to take an english course here at UWaterloo. Well, in a sense I’m wrong. I don’t have an english course per se, however the GENE167 class is essentially a writing class for engineers. We learn how to write work and technical reports as well as your regular grammar, etc. It’s kind of a pain cause I have to like read this grammar book now. But chances are, my english is pretty decent so it shouldn’t be hard. The prof said that the course was going to be one of our easiest.

There’s gonna be some major changes to this site in the near future. Being a student at UWaterloo entitles me to a certain amount of space on their server for my own website. I’m in the process of making that site right now actually, trying to keep the general look and layout that I have going with my blog. In addition, I’m branching this blog into several different blogs to keep down on the volume of posts a bit. It’ll also keep the sidebar a little better organized since there’s just sooo much stuff there right now.

So point your bookmarks or whatever to this site from now on.

nfiniti plus one homepage

EDIT: I was just talking with one of the guys here and he showed me his website. HE HAS ALL THESE FANCY THINGS I’VE BEEN WANTING TO IMPLEMENT. So yes, I shall ask him for some aid. Excellent. Mwahahahahaha!


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  1. Haha, thanks, I actually can’t claim credit for the little animation myself; I found it as someone else’s signature on a forum I participate in. But in either case, it’s quite the hoot.

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