Lost An Hour

Well, I awoke this morning to find that my computer clock had jumped forward an hour. Spring ahead, Fall behind. Either way, I lost a solid hour today and I really didn’t appreciate it. One less hour to relax is all it did. 🙂

I spent way too much time this morning and early afternoon updating themes. I had initially planned to just do some fixing of various little issues in the themes that I’ve noticed, but WordPress Widgets had to pop up. As a result, I also had to modify two of my themes to work with those. Or lest they become obsolete as they said. Well, it was going to be pretty hard to get them working on some of my earlier themes, so I didn’t both with that. Luckily for me, my latest two themes are definitely the most popular. I wonder why?…

I passed another horribly boring weekend at the university. It consisted mostly of me fuming about PDEng and hoping that I won’t fail the next two assignments. Here, I’m going to dig up my track record for the whole PDEng program. There are a total of 8 modules. We’ve done and had 7 of them marked. Here’s my score. Failed 5 of 7 modules. Failed 8 of 16 or 17 assignments. What an awesome score. And plus, I’m on a streak. I’ve failed the last 4 modules. With that said, module 8 isn’t looking too promising. And this time, there’s no resubmits. If I fail, I essentially fail. Uh oh. Needless to say, I’ve been working my ass off to, well, not fail this next module. I think it’s looking okay so far, but with how these assignments are marked, anything could happen really.

Speaking of anything could happen, my iPod bit the dirt (again) on Friday. Once again, I had the same issue as the last, oh three times now. Plug in iPod, start up iTunes, oops, iTunes couldn’t read the database. Format that action please. Well, luckily (on my second lucky now) for me Apple just came out with a new firmware for the iPod. I just updated the firmware instead of restoring the whole thing. This way, my music stayed on the player intact. It’s like a ticking time bomb really. Who knows when it’ll go again. Now? Maybe now? Whatever. The next chance I get, I’m heading up to the Apple Store in the Yorkdale Mall and getting one of the guys to take a look at it for me. I plan to take full advantage of this warranty.

Oh, totally random I know, but I was reading an article over at CBC.ca. Well, I use the word ‘owned’ in the context of schooling something, but I didn’t think it was making its way to the mainstream. Must be the explosion of the internet. It’s getting into the heads of these writers. Observe:

Playing against a team that has basically owned them this season, the Leafs used four goals within the first seven minutes to dominate Buffalo 7-0 at Air Canada Centre.

So that’s about all of an update I can give for this past weekend. I mean I didn’t even write an entry yesterday. Ummm April Fools? 😐

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7 Replies to “Lost An Hour”

  1. Everyone says “owned” now. It’s the new “sketchy,” and sketchy was the new “that’s hot” which in essence was a reincarnation of “sweet.” I wonder how long the “owned” trend will last. Speaking of trends, you should really get that iPod checked out. It definitely sounds like a faulty hard drive to me.

    Anywho, the real reason for this comment is because I’m curious. What exactly do you need to write for your PD-Eng assignments?

  2. I still haven’t gotten my resubmission module 3 (the workterm topic ideas) assignment yet, and its annoying me.

    Not to mention i pretty much failed the last 3 assignments, and have yet to start on #8 yet.

    Spend less time on blogging about the changes to this site, and more about changes in your life… don’t you think?

    Less than a month left.. oh boy!

  3. PDEng is a course where you write a whole lot about nothing. It’s supposed to be about ethics, but it seems more like about teaching (or forcing) common sense. They way I see it, if you’ve got none, you probably won’t get any from the course, and if you’ve already got it, you’re probably just making up stuff that sounds good for the assignments anyways.

    And fine Justin, I’ll talk more about my life. But the problem is, it’s so very uneventful. Maybe I should start writing about the events in the life of the alternate universe Chuckie…

  4. I agree with Justin…this blog is starting to get a little cold and distant 🙂

    But don’t worry about marks…in France, my average is about…hmmm…0%. I didn’t feel like going to class yesterday, so…I didn’t go!

    Welcome to Will’s World 😀

  5. Yes, yes, I know how you feel. You’d like a deep, inquisitive look into my everyday life. 😛 And I’ll try my best.

    You see Will, it’s slightly different being over on exchange and nothing really mattering and having this course be a requirement for, oh you know, graduation and all. 😉

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