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  1. it was apparently best seen in turkey. i was wondering why it was so dark in the afternoon for a bit, then i saw it on the news a little earlier.

  2. Yeah, it was closest to you guys when it was around Turkey, but the maps showed that you’d have a partial eclipse for quite a distance around it. I guess it wasn’t as dark as I thought a partial eclipse would be… (when’s the last time there was an eclipse around PEI…?)

  3. The last one I remember was when we were in grade 1. So that was a while ago. I was really ticked we couldn’t see it here. We always miss the greta solar shows.

  4. Actually I remember there being one in Grade three, back on the Island.

    It was the day of, or the day after, the Quebec Referendum of.. what, ’96, was it? I swear I remember that.

    Mom told me not to look directly into the sun.

    I sort of did. 😀

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