Long Distance Commuter

The housing plan didn’t work out for my last week of work, so I’ve been relegated to commuting for the last few days. Not only is the commute a rather lengthy one, around 150 km each way, it’s also the first time that I’ve done serious highway driving on my own in Ontario. It’s a far cry from the 7 minutes it took down North River Road to Colonel Gray in Charlottetown, which was the extent of my previous daily commute.

I won’t lie; I was a bit nervous the previous night. I had made the trip up to Waterloo on Sunday with my parents, and along the way saw the charred remains of a car, engulfed in fire-retardant foam, that had obviously been on fire. I know it’s probably not that big of a deal for many Ontarians who commute hellishly long distances to get to work every day, but for me, it was intimidating. It didn’t help that it was extremely foggy. This is the scene I was greeted by on Highway 57/58. I couldn’t see any further than about 50 meters in front of me.

Foggy, foggy highway

But once I hit the QEW, it was pretty much smooth sailing all the way to Waterloo. I left home a bit before 7 am and reached Sybase a little bit past 8:30. Traffic was surprisingly light, at least compared to what I was expecting. There was no stop and go on the 401 (I suspect most people go towards the GTA, so I was lucky to be going against the flow). It was comfortable drive, in the company of Mr. Buble.

The drive home was equally unexciting (that’s a good thing) but was in the company of Mr. Mayer. I left around 6 pm in an effort to skip rush hour traffic and succeeded.

I worked from home today, the first time I didn’t show up to work on time in 4 months. I was able to finish up the transition documents, so I’ll make one final trip out to Sybase tomorrow, upload those files and wrap up a few things. Last day. Wow, time went by quickly.


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  1. It was a calculated risk – one which I took to bring you that photo. Of course, I wasn’t driving with any speed at the time. I play it safe.

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