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Barely a week after picking up the Microsoft Wireless Laser 8000, I was perusing the NCIX sales page when I happened on a listing of the Logitech VX Revolution for the low price of $30CAD. Granted, there was a $20 mail in rebate, but even including the extra taxes I’d be paying, it was a pretty good deal. Out came the credit card and the mouse was shipped by the next day.

The VX Revolution is a toned down MX Revolution, aimed at the laptop market. Previously, my only true laptop mouse was in the form of a BenQ M310 (check) that came free with a laptop bag I had purchased. Aside from being wireless and small, one of the greatest features was the storage space for the wireless dongle. For a laptop mouse, being small is one thing, but if it also means carrying around extra items, then it’s not really worth it. Unfortunately, I never grew accustomed to the size of the thing. I don’t have large hands, but they’re not that small either. Holding the BenQ for extended periods of time would lead to hand cramps, so when that mouse broke, I didn’t look to buy a new notebook mouse; I didn’t mind carrying around my Logitech MX500. Sure it’s big and wired, but that meant no hand cramps or the need to worry about batteries.

Obviously one of the benefits of having a laptop is being unwired, so I recently started looking for wireless desktop mice for my laptop. I picked up a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 and while I found it to be quite nice overall, the dongle had to be stored somewhere and I was about to go crazy over the non-tactile mouse wheel scroll. When I saw the VX Revolution on sale, aimed at notebook users, but not extraordinarily tiny and with a storage compartment for the dongle, I jumped on it.


I like the packaging that Logitech uses for their mice. The color scheme is nice and attracts attention, and at the same time isn’t neon-colored or gaudy. As well, (not terribly useful for me since I purchased the VX online) the form-fitting plastic over the mouse allows a potential buyer to see how the mouse feels in the hand.

Logitech VX Revolution Box

Of course, the highly touted MicroGear Precision scrolling is plastered on the box, and with good reason, but I’ll get to that later. You can also see the wireless dongle.

Logitech VX Revolution Box

One peculiarity – I’m not certain if it happens during manufacturing or perhaps the packaging process, but I’ve read several reports of brand new VX Revolutions arriving with random scratches on the body. Mine wasn’t spared. The scratches are in relatively obscure places, like the dongle storage area and near the thumb rest. There’s no glaring issues with the top of the mouse so I’m not going to worry much about it.

Key Features

The highly touted MicroGear Precision scrolling is at the core of the product. If you find yourself scrolling a lot and that regular scroll wheel is getting tiring, this may be the solution. A quick flick of the finger and you could find yourself down towards the 40 000th line in an Excel spreadsheet. You can also just as easily use it for general web or document scrolling – the pages don’t have to be gi-nourmous. It is must smoother than any scroll wheel that I’ve used and therefore takes far less effort. You’ll want to stick to the ratcheted scrolling if you’re going through Powerpoints or switching weapons in a first-person shooter though; you can’t get the same precise control with the MicroGear set to free-scroll.

Logitech MicroGear

The ‘One-Touch’ search feature allows you to either open up your search engine of choice, or if you select a word or phrase, search for it in that search engine. It can be a very useful feature, although, personally, I don’t use it much. At the top left of the mouse, there is a zoom toggle that allows you to zoom in and out of documents, photos, and anything else you’d like zoom control over.


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