Logitech Customer Service is Top Notch

It seems like I’ve been on a recent writing binge of customer service experiences so I’d like to continue on that vein with one about Logitech, the computer peripheral company.

My Logitech MX900 Bluetooth mouse bit the dust a few days ago. After functioning well for the past couple years, it was suddenly no longer detected by Windows. On the Bluetooth charging station, the blue light that should normally light up to indicate a Bluetooth connection no longer did. The mouse was undetected, even after switching it to another computer.

I contacted Logitech support through their online support form. Although I entered through the Canadian portal, I was somehow redirected to the support team for Australia and New Zealand. The support representative told me, as is customary in the Pacific region, to take the defective mouse back to the point of purchase. Knowing that the point of purchase only typically covers warranty for the first 30 days in Canada, I inquired as to why I was put into contact with the Pacific region support group.

I received a prompt apology and without so much as a hesitation, my support case was continued by the same gentleman who told me he would personally liaise with the North American team for me. Now that’s seamless support! Every single one of my updates to the support case were answered within 24 hours. He requested that I provide the usual: model numbers, serial numbers, my address, as well as a proof of purchase (the receipt). I am the original purchaser of the mouse, but I definitely didn’t keep that Future Shop receipt from a couple years ago. I politely informed him that I no longer had the receipt but was well within the warranty period, if that was the intended reason for the proof of purchase. The MX900 has a 5 year warranty and was only launched in late 2003 so all mice should still be within the warranty period. Additionally, Logitech’s warranty requirements did not explicitly state that a proof of purchase was required (as far as I could find anyways).

I was told that the receipt is actually a requirement, but also that he understood my situation and would make an exception. On top of that break, I’ll be getting an MX Revolution as the replacement! I’ve already got its little sibling, the VX Revolution and it’s a damned nice mouse. I’m quite honestly very amazed at the service. Most companies would probably tell you to mess off, that it’s policy or what have you, but this exception makes me feel like I’m important. That’s what service is all about.

All I know about my rep is that his name’s Daniel S. and he’s part of the Australia/New Zealand support team. If you, by the wildest of chances read this, kudos to you, and thanks for all your help. You’ve got a satisfied customer here. πŸ™‚


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  1. Logitech really has one of the best customer service out there.
    I am getting a VX Revolution replacement this week. Something is wrong with its scroll wheel.
    Almost perfect mouse + awsome service, that’s the best buy for your money

  2. Same in my case to bro. I bought my mx518 a year ago from target but lost the receipt and now I contacted their support, hope they will understand my situation too and will help me out. Their support is one of the reasons why i go with logitech and this is my first time, hope they wont disappoint me.

  3. I’m agree. I’ve dealt with Logitech customer service on 2 or 3 occasions, and each time I have come away thinking that they have the best customer service that I have ever encountered. My last two issues involved the same hardware issue with mice, but both times they have agreed without hesitation to replace my mouse with a newer version.

    Logitech products are great, but the customer service is what has really driven me to recommend them to friends and family.

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