Logitech Customer Service Experience #2

I recently ran into some hardware problems with my almost one-year old Logitech VX Revolution mouse. It has accompanied my laptop almost everywhere it goes and even gets used at work, where everyone’s usually stuck with the regular 2-button optical mouse. A more functional (not to mention more comfortable) mouse like the VX Revolution makes my a bit more productive.

But back to the issue – the left click stopped working properly. One out of every 3-4 clicks was either not being registered or would act as a double click. Not registering a click isn’t nearly as bad as a double click – ever tried dragging a shortcut to the recycling bin only to have it launch the application instead? Very annoying to say the least. The problem made the mouse essentially unusable.

In the original review, I mentioned that there seemed to be some interference issues with the mouse, but it happened only on occasion. The problem now was much, much more apparent and frequent.

I got in contact with Logitech Customer Support by email this past Thursday, hoping my previous positive interaction with them wasn’t just a fluke. Oh, if anything, this was even better.

Thursday morning, I sent in a message with the symptoms. An hour later, I received a response stating a replacement would be issued if my mouse was still under warranty. That evening, I sent my shipping information along with my invoice. Not 10 minutes later, I receive a response stating a replacement unit had been set up and would be shipped to me.

The real kicker is, I am to dispose of the mouse as I see fit. Instead of making me pay $15 shipping to get it back to them and waiting for the replacement, the replacement is shipped immediately and I save my money. Of course, this relies on the honesty of the user. I don’t know if this happens all the time, so don’t start a warranty service request for a perfectly working mouse, hoping for a free replacement. If it comes time for the replacement arrangement and they request the unit be returned, don’t blame me. I can only vouch for my situation. If anything, that sort of dishonesty will only cost others the convenience of the current replacement arrangement.

Extremely quick responses and an amazing replacement policy will have me buying Logitech gadgets and recommending them for a long time, given that the products stay at their level of innovation and usefulness. Customer service can maintain customer satisfaction and build loyalty. Logitech’s has done exactly that. I’d like to say thanks to the rep I worked with, Kunal, from Logitech’s North America customer support group. A job well done. 🙂


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  1. Just read your post on Logitech Customer service, I had a problem I just recently bought. It was a cordless number pad for my laptop. Anyway, the problem was it it would not connect at all.

    I called Logitech with very low expectations because tech support and customer service for electronics is never that great.

    Anyway, I have to agree with you, the service it top notch…I was blown away, they sent out a new one and said, “although it’s not absolutely necessary, if you could fax the receipt, that would be great”

    Logitech has service excellence down to a T! In the future, if it was between Logitech and a competitor, Logitech wins hands down!

  2. Lately my Logitech stops while being used. It actually freezes in
    its track. I tried to: diconnect the computer and restart it. It
    then works for approx. 5 seconds, then freezes again.

    Do I neeed another (newer) mouse or can I do something else? Mayve
    re-format my computer?

    H. D. Flemmer
    Rio de Janeiro

    Pls reply in English.

  3. To be honest, I’ve gone through 3 (my 4th one starting acting sporadically) of these mice in less than a year. The major difference I saw is that the customer service was awful. Not only did they make me send them back the USB hub for the mouse twice at (the first two times I had faulty mice) at my own cost but one of the mice received worked literally 3 minutes after arrival here. To make matters worse, I had to pay for the 25-minute long-distance phone call (75% of which was spent on hold) three times. There is no way to contact them via e-mail in order to get a replacement. While it’s nice to see that at least you got some luck with them, I’d like to make others aware that not everyone will necessarily be so lucky.

    I know I will never recommend a Logitech product to friends.

  4. I have also had terrible experience with Logitech customer support. After 1 month of back and forth regarding my MX1000 mouse being deffective with coroded metal contacts I have been told that without the orig receipt I am SOL and they will not fix or replace. This is a product defect, the metal is not supposed to come off the contacts of the top of the line mouse! I even offered to pay to send the mouse where it needs to be sent.

    Again, this was the top of the line mouse when I bought it, logitech should stand behind its products and it’s customers instead of pushing them to chose to buy from other companies in the future. I make final decisions on all purchases for my company, and I promise you we will not be buying any logitech products in the future.


  5. Logitech service is top notch and amazing.

    Hands down.


    I had an MX5000 that the mouses wasn’t working on.

    No questions asked, logitech sent me a brand new MX5500.


  6. Logitech seems to be a buisness that is demonstrating the desire to maintain their customers in this trying economic time. I would venture that with what they are doing is simply a way to promote a better way of doing business and can hopefully drum up some free advertising that can help them go a long way with their customers.

  7. I love to read all of the bad comments about logitech service. With the above two comments, I am sure they either had products that were well outside of the warranty period, or had voided the warranty (i.e. user abuse). I was a logitech tech support agent for many years, and people like dugrok and benjamin always made the job interesting. Dugrok, we don’t have a toll free number so you won’t have to pay for support. I am sure you would love it if I told you before I could even listen to your issue, I would need to collect $25.99. Every cell phone company in America has free night and weekends. So I am either assuming one of two things, either you are just a cheap skate, which I am sure is the case, or two, you don’t have a cell phone, which negates you even owning a logitech product. Please get with the rest of the world and join the 21st century. (By the way, 4 mice doing the same thing is a system issue on your computer. Had I talked to you, there would not have been a 3rd replacement sent to you). I am sure you were using windows 3.1 or windows 98 which brings me back to my first point, please join the 21st century, you will like it, I promise you.

    As for Benjamin, you are using an MX 1000 that peaked in like 2006. It was a great mouse with a 3 year warranty. Thats it. I would be really surprised to find any mainstream store that carried it in 2008. You more than likely purchased it as a refurb, or on e-bay and tried to scam logitech out of it. A 3 year warranty for something like a mouse is a great warranty. I wonder if you are the kind of guy who owns a car for seven or eight years, and when it starts to make noises, you take it back to the dealer and demand your money back because they should stand behind their product. We always enjoyed a good laugh at your expense when we would put you on hold, and then tell you you were, “SOL.”

    Bottom line is Logitech is a great company. We make a great product. And we have great support for it. There are just a few bad apples out there that don’t get their way, and decide to vent their frustrations on the internet. 99% of these people would never say anything they type. Buy Logitech, they have cutting edge technology, and friendly people like me to support it.

    1. Dear Wannata,

      I don’t mean to argue on the internet, seeing as it’s rather pointless but there are some things you said that I feel I can’t not rebute.

      ”Every cell phone company in America has free night and weekends. So I am either assuming one of two things, either you are just a cheap skate, which I am sure is the case, or two, you don’t have a cell phone, which negates you even owning a logitech product.”
      #1) America. I’ve been there, it’s a cool place. However, I don’t live there and Logitech doesn’t have a canadian office. It’s long distance no matter what from here.

      #2) I have a cell phone. Not that it has any correlation with the use of a Logitech product. None whatsoever. My landline gives me X amount of long distance minutes free within the country anyway.

      #3) I’ve never run into a company other than Microsoft (and Logitech) who charge money for technical support where the product is still under warranty. Let’s make a quick list with the things on my desk.

      My Dell computer – Nope. They keep offering free tech support long after my warranty expires.

      My Panasonic cordless telephone – again, «toll-free technical support»

      My HP printer – See above

      I could keep going but I’d have to explore other items I own and I don’t feel like wasting time checking owner’s manuals.

      #4) If I want to be a cheap-skate (which I don’t consider myself) I have every right to be. If your product breaks while under warranty, your company should pay to replace it. Not the other way around.

      Next issue with your post:

      ”(By the way, 4 mice doing the same thing is a system issue on your computer. Had I talked to you, there would not have been a 3rd replacement sent to you). I am sure you were using windows 3.1 or windows 98 which brings me back to my first point, please join the 21st century, you will like it, I promise you.”

      That’s pretty strange. Mostly because I’ve tried the mouse on several different computers both at home and at work. I didn’t mention in my initial post that my girlfriend has the same mouse and also had to have hers replaced not once, but twice.

      I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium on this computer, though the other ones I’ve tried had XP Home and XP Pro.

      Set Point was always updated to the latest version. Not that it matters, because this software is optional. It is for added functionality. Not basic functionality such as tracking. Every time, the same issue occured. The mouse stopped tracking. I could only right click.


      I find it ironic that «friendly people like me [you]» lack the intelligence to consider yourselves friendly while in the same post stating that « We always enjoyed a good laugh at your expense when we would put you on hold, and then tell you you were, “SOL.” ».

      This is exactly the kind of thing I meant. You think you know everything. While I’m sure there are a lot of customers who abuse their products, I can assure you that there are some frustrated, legitimate customers who are actually having issues.

      Now, am I saying Logitech is a bad company? No. Do they make a bad product? In general, probably not. I mean, there’s a good reason they have such a good reputation. All I’m saying is that, when it does happen that a customer runs into a lemon product (every company has them) Logitech are not the most sympathetic company when it comes to resolving their customers’ issues. They sold the mouse, who gives a shit now?

      The only reason I felt the necessity to vent my frustrations on the internet is because I’ve had 3 faulty mice. Don’t you think that’s slightly insane? My 4th one’s issue seems to have disappeared, does that mean it won’t come back? Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if it stopped working ironically as I attempted to click this «submit» button.

      Shame on you, a Logitech employee, for posting such nonsense and only helping to further demonstrate my point.

      1. For the record,

        I forgot to mention that Logitech has since expanded to have toll-free canadian technical support. +1 to them. Whether or not it’s still there I’m not sure, but I forgot to include that in my post… so here it is before you try and use that against me for argument’s sake.

  8. Ok, this is an old thread but I need to vent, so here goes….

    I bought a logitech g510 keyboard late last year. After about a month, just like that, The period, colon, bracket, and plus keys stopped working. This was very frustrating for a new and expensive keyboard.

    Now heres my issue. I live in Trinidad, situated in the Caribbean. After about a month of back and forth with customer support, they told me that I needed to contact the Latin American office in Brazil. I dont speak Portuguese or Spanish btw.

    SO, I tried calling but the number was not in service. Now, this is the number on their site. So, there followed another month of back and forth online and over the phone. Finally, the CSR told me that they can ship a replacement to a US address. I provided one for a skybox or freight company that I use to ship my products. She also said that they would not require me to return the faulty keyboard.

    Now a few days later, she updates the online support ticket saying that they need me to return the keyboard after all. I think this is a bit much after all the runaround it took to get to this point. To return the keyboard, I would need to use either UPS DHL or Fedex, none of which are cheap, especially when shipping a large item overseas. It would cost me as much as a new keyboard to return it and then pay the skybox company to ship it back to me.

    I think the least they can do is just sent me the item. Its not my fault they dont have support for the Caribbean. I am willing to provide any proof that the keyboard is indeed defective

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