‘Like a Big High School’

The best way to describe it would that it’s like a big high school. No wonder some called with Wilfred Laurier High.

I attended my first official university class outside of the University of Waterloo, and combined with the artsy aspect of Business 121, Functional Areas of an Organization, it made for a pretty different lecture experience.

It’s mostly in the halls – the ones at Laurier feel much… ‘happier’ than those at Waterloo, and look and feel very much like the ones seen in shows or movies set in high schools. Even at 7pm, just before my class, the halls were abuzz with activity, as if it were midday.

The class itself isn’t anything terribly special. From a quick glance at the course overview and what I gathered in the introduction given by the lecturer, the material is well within my comfort zone. Even more than that, I believe I already have a firm grasp on many of the topics to be discussed. There’s also an associated lab that involves smaller groups working with an upper-year business student in a hands-on approach. That will include case studies and a marketing/entrepreneurial project. It should make for a relatively relaxed course. With a full-time co-op job, PDEng, and possibly orchestra on the side, a difficult course isn’t exactly something I’d look forward to.

There are quite a few students in the class (probably the majority) from UWaterloo, but relatively few are taking the course as an elective, and even fewer still are taking the course alongside a full time job. I’m just hoping I can schedule these group projects around work hours.


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  1. Good to hear you’re enjoying your classes! You should see the rooms I am studying, we had a discussion yesterday about how happy and atypical it is for a university classroom. As soon as I go to my classes outside of RC I feel like I’m in a jail:P

  2. way to not reply to my steam messages the other day.

    do you have a work msn again?

    does Office 2007 Enterprise for $30 sound like a sweet deal?


    p.s. is the house in one piece? how are the new roommates?

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