Life Goals

Back in high school, it was all about fitting in with the right groups, being popular and well-liked. But now that I think back, what did that bring really? Drama? Tension? Jealousy? It’s funny how that ‘envious’ position would actually be associated with such emotions. Now that I’m a slight bit older and a lot more mature, it seems like I’ve had a drastic change in goals. I couldn’t care less if I was popular or not. How about:

  • A good friend
  • A good son
  • A good person

When’s the last time those seemingly very basic goals have been far up on your list of things-to-do? After all, the person I truly want to impress is myself. If I can do that, I’ll be more than content.


2 Replies to “Life Goals”

  1. I think you might be on to something:D For me the maturing process has really made me realize how alone I really am. I mean in High school you were living with your parents, you had friends/girlfriends that you could tell anything or do anything with anytime. Now it’s all me all the time, and I kinda get sick of me. Sure there are other people but not like it used to be. Amazing how lonely adulthood is:P

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