Yeah, I feel like writing two posts tonight. Doesn’t happen much, but I feel as though I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late so I’ll try to make it up now.

There was a point during this wonderful week of music that I was extremely displeased. Ok enough with that, I was friggin mad as hell. I was just about to tear somebody a new one. And why might that be you ask? Just read the title to this post and you may get a good idea. You see someone had the great idea that 95% of the performances during the PEI Jazz and Blues Festival should be either fully licensed or extremely discriminating to minors.

Let me explain in detail. In the tent, they set up a “barrier” or crappy metal bar fence things that fenced the minors off to the side where we sat and could see the performers through a maze of tent poles. I mean it’s not like I’ve never seen people order/drink alcohol before. And what that measely little fence thing’s going to stop me from seeing them do this? And if I really wanted to drink I wouldn’t do it there. I didn’t understand the half drunk-ass people at the back who WEREN’T EVEN LISTENING to these world class musicians. Instead they interrupted the rest of the people who actually were there to listen to music. All I wanted to do was sit hear the middle so I could friggin see the whole group without looking around the poles. Of course, I didn’t see any of the guys actually play the piano. At best I could try to look at the reflection of their hands in the lid of the grand piano cause we were so off to the side. When we tried to get to the ‘wet’ section, we were immediately ID’d. I was very tempted to give them a piece of my mind. Why don’t they make all the drinking sectioned off at the back where the drinking people were anyways? Leave the rest of the tent to people who would actually like to listen and see. God, and you wonder why people use fake IDs…

Not to mention that fact that after the performance on Saturday was over, we strolled into the main section to ask a Charlottetown Jazz band member for the time we needed to meet for our performance. We were boxed off by two rent-a-cops who informed us that there was still alcohol being served. Suck it people, but I don’t care. Do you honestly think that with them watching I’m going to walk to the back and order up a few Alpines? I think not. I’m semi-competent even though the people who decided on the rules are semi-not…

So at least we were allowed into the tent for the performances. The performances at the other venues didn’t even allow minors in. And to think that these musicians that are world-renowned are playing under our noses and we can’t even go hear them. I truly wouldn’t want drink while listening. I mean if I actually wanted to drink, I still don’t want to pay 4 bucks for a beer. Not at this point in my life anyways; I’m sure that’ll change. I’m not poor or anything but I’m not exactly rolling in it either. Luckily, there are still some understanding people in this town, actually one of the people I’d least expect it from. Because of him, we were able to attend these after hours functions after much jumping through hoops.

Anyways, I may be bashing people I don’t actually mean to. I mean I know law is law, it’s just how they implemented it for this festival wasn’t exactly prime. To be honest though, I really don’t think they care about what I would like to see happen. After all the attendees were 99% over the legal drinking age anyways. The few younger students that were there were either performers or volunteers who got their passes for free. They want money after all and it’s the paying general audience they want to attract. I just hope they don’t piss off some kid in the future who actually does something about it.

Enough ranting for one day. I’m off to bed. Lots of packing to be done tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it is I’m going to fit everything back into that lone suitcase. It seems like I can’t fold my clothes properly or something. In any case, It’s going to be one tough cramming job. Which also reminds me, I really have to figure out exactly what’s going on with my plane and all I’m not sure when it departs and what gate I’m supposed to go to in Montreal It should be interesting to say the least; it’ll be my first plane ride alone ever.


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