LG P300 13.3″ Laptop

You’ve heard plenty about the MacBook Air and the Lenovo X300, but what about the LG P300? This may very well be the laptop to get if you’re looking for something in the 13.3″ range. An amazing combination of quality, performance and portability. I’ll have to drop by a Future Shop to check it out.


2 Replies to “LG P300 13.3″ Laptop”

  1. Wow, for that price point in the review and that feature set, makes me want to ditch the 1330 that I bought, hand it down to my brother, and pick up one of these babies. 3.5lbs? I’m sold.

  2. Yeah, it’s a sweet performance/portability/price package. I’m definitely jealous, sitting here in front of my M1330 – but I gotta tell myself that I’ve had this thing for more than half a year, which is quite some time for computer technology. I’d imagine half a year later, you’ll find something that trumps the P300 as well. It’s a never ending cycle.

    Too bad I don’t have unlimited funds. 😉

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