Let Me Rant

I went to Waterloo this past weekend to have a look at a few places for the upcoming semester. Two of the 5 places have already been crossed off due to crappiness and another one is a little too far away. So we’re trying to decide between the last two places. I’m still not really sure what I’m going to do; that previous post about the decision? Yeah, that has everything to do with where I’m living next semester and with who. Ugh. I met up with some friends there as well. It was nice to see some people I hadn’t seen in a really long time.

During that trip to Waterloo, we went to the local Futureshop where I planned on picking up a set of speakers. Since I move around a lot with the co-op program, I decided I needed something a little more portable but still has very good sound quality. That meant the subwoofer had to go. In any case, from what I was reading, most of the decently priced systems all have poor subwoofers anyways. They typically provide a good kick but are muddy-sounding and drown out much of the clarity from the mid and highs.

After some research, I narrowed it down to the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.0s or the Creative Gigaworks T20s. They seemed about equal in terms of sound quality and price. Luckily for me, the choice was made for me when Futureshop had a big sale on the Creatives. So I found myself carrying around a box with the T20s inside. Now if you know anything about Futureshop, you’ll know that they have a commission system. That means everyone will try to sell you something. One sales rep approaches me and says, ‘are you buying that set because they’re on sale?’ Ummm, well, that’s partly it, but also because they’re good 2.0 speakers with awesome mids and highs and accurate bass. He starts telling me how they’re awful because it doesn’t have a subwoofer and that this set for $100 is sooooo much better. He tells me how the other set has two tweeters and a driver and is therefore much better than the set I picked up which has 1 tweeter and 1 driver. I tell him that it’s not just the pure number of drivers than matter in sound quality. Any schmuck should know that. He proceeds to be extremely condescending telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

This is the point where I know I have two paths to choose from. The first involves me pulling out the information I’ve gathered on the speakers systems I’ve researched and pwning him in public. The second is to just walk away. I decide I don’t want to make a scene and politely declined. He ends it off with ‘Your loss!’ The only thing I could think about at that point was, no, no buddy, it’s really your loss, of commission.

I don’t claim that I know everything about every piece of gadgetry and technology out there, and I’m no a person to refuse advice of various things, but the fact that this guy was clearly spewing BS just to get me to buy something so he could get some commission really hit a nerve.

Did I mention I have the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life and have had it since this morning? It’s still on the left side of my head, but this time it’s so bad that the left side of my face hurts as does my eye and jawbone. I think I’m going to pass out. Even the Tylenol (which I never take) didn’t help.


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  1. And that is why anytime I go ino Future Shop I research what I’m going to get before hand. Granted, I just bought an almost $300 phone so I tend to do stupid things as well.

  2. Ps, Meghan Landry and I went into FS the other week so she could buy a nano. I knew more about them than the guy selling them. He didn’t even know the 8GB only came in black! Or ANY of the other features like brighter screen and enchanced software. Then, he got all pissy at me because I knew more. S’not my fault you don’t know what you’re selling. When she went to go buy it, he was going to say something and then he said “Or maybe you should just ask your friend since he seems to know more” in a voice that was dripping with sarcasm. The fucker still got the comission too. Ugh.

  3. Yeah, sometimes I just want to tear them a new one, but I never like making a commotion in public, so I don’t think I’ve ever done so.

    Speaking of cell phones and Rogers, I think I’ll be switching over to Rogers around the holiday season. Hopefully they’ll have some decent rate plans (that’s really the only thing holding me back that this point; they probably have the worst plans out of the big 3) and I already have my eye on a couple phones… Of course not ones Rogers actually offers, imported, unlocked phones. Yum.

  4. Just make sure you stay in the rest of Canada. Honestly, the problem isn’t so much Roger’s in general, just them on the island. They NEED to get another tower because I’m sick of having the entire province be the fringe of their network. On the other side, I think I’m going to return my phone in 30 days if Apple comes out with an iPhone, oh and I’m thinking of returning my camera since I have some HUGE IMPORTANT news and I’m going to need money for it. Pay attention to my blog in the upcoming days for the news.

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