Last But Not Least

Well, it’s that time of semester again when I lack any shape or form of self-motivation. Yes, I have but one exam left. It may be the last, but it definitely won’t be easy. or at least I don’t think it will be. The midterm exam for discrete mathematics was a joke and a half. Unfortunately, that may be seen by the prof as a signal to make the final more difficult. After all, the class did do pretty well on the midterm. However, I generally find the material after the midterm more difficult. As a result, it would be greatly beneficial for me to study, but with the thought of finishing and PEI on my mind, it’s pretty tough to focus on any one thing, especially more school work.

I’m going to say another 6 hours of studying and I’m done for the year. Crunch time.

Update: What friggin’ great luck. You’ve probably heard about the terrorist airplane bomb plot that was foiled earlier today. In any case, Canadian airports have stepped up security now. I can hardly wait for the huge lineups. It only means I’ll have to get up even earlier to catch the morning flight. Thanks terrorists. Look at what you’ve done. Couldn’t you have at least waited for after my trip? Sheesh, is that too much to ask…


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