John Legere @ Geekwire

John Legere, the outspoken, humorous, cocky, intelligent, empathetic and, thus far, successful CEO of T-Mobile US. It’s natural, then, that his bravado and antics put people into two camps, one believing him to be a farce, inappropriate to run a Fortune 500 company, the other looking to him to continue to shake up the stagnant wireless telecom industry, forcing progressive changes by example.

Here’s a recent 45 minute interview at the Geekwire conference, where he shares his view of M&A rumors, competing with the other major carriers, and how he listens to customers. Beware that lots of swearing ensues.

Personally, I find his attitude refreshing, and while he is cocky, he’s also manages to be down to earth. He listens (almost to a fault) to customers, he rejects the idea of old-style business-making, and confronts and verbalizes things that we often either avoid thinking about or have the balls to say. I particularly like his comment that the higher up the corporate ladder you find yourself, the less candid and factual feedback you get from your directs (too much sugar-coating; I see this too often).


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