I’ve Lost It

Back in the day, I was one of those guys pushing my system as fast as it could possibly go, running 3D Mark benches and the like. I was one of those guys who would take the system down to the basement and hold a fan to the video card while it ran the test, cringing at any hiccups which could point to a crashing bench. I did that through the R9700Pro days, then to the R9800Pro, and then the X800XT PE.

When university came rolling around, I nearly had a heart attack when I realized I just didn’t have the time or space to fit in that big tower of mine. Plus, as much as I tried denying it, a laptop was going to be a lot more portable and thus a lot more flexible than any desktop. I settled on a middle ground, something that was still pretty powerful, but not something that I could tinker and play with all the time.

Now I’m sitting here, two semesters in and I’ve realized that the computer is more of a tool than toy for me. It’s great hearing about the latest and greatest (don’t think I’m not tempted by all that nice looking hardware rolling out now) but I’ve lost that spark that once pushed me to spend and spend and spend on computer parts just to see that wonderful 3D Mark score.

I’ll buy my next PC when I feel my productivity would benefit, not my e-ego. A couple years ago, a high school teacher told me that one of his former students, who was also extremely into computers, had changed to view computers as a tool more than anything else in university. Back then I brushed that off with a laugh. Not so anymore.

I’m Charlie and I’m studying Computer Engineering.



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