It’s Sleepy Time

The past few days have really not been kind to my sleep schedule. As I sit here at 1:30am, I grimmace just thinking about the job interview I have at 10am… I’ve had probably 5 hours of sleep per night since Sunday. I don’t function too well with that sort of sleep. I’ve even resorted to falling half asleep in lectures.

Still, I was able to get quite a lot of work done after coming home from my ECON 102 midterm and lecture tonight. I finished up my lab report and just about completed commenting my programming project’s code. I even fit in some C++ questions that might be asked tomorrow at the interview. I just hope this interviewer doesn’t expect any miracles from me in programming. I was even modest on my resume; I put ‘knowledge of C++’. For a resume, that practically says I know next to nothing about C++.

I’m so unbelievably tired. I’m not even going to go into that economics midterm right now. That would take way too much time and coherence which I currently lack.

4 thoughts on “It’s Sleepy Time”

  1. “First letter of Charlie’s name (required…)”
    New security features?

    I tried to visit Nick’s blog tonight. I kept getting yours and just assumed that due to exhaustion my motor skills were a little off and I kept hitting the wrong link. Then I noticed that I was clicking the right one, but that it redirects to your new site. Hmmm.

  2. Yeah, I broke Nick’s site cause I redirected the entire root over to the new domain. It was the only way I could really keep my search engine rankings and links and whatnot working properly. I plan on fixing his site as soon as I get some info from him to import his database over.

  3. Info from Nick about his blog? Good luck. You’d sooner hear back from Santa Claus than Nick about that one. I think he’s even forgotten it exists.

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