“It’s like the Superbowl of News”

It was aptly put as such by one news reporter I heard on TV while home for this past weekend. And is it ever, the elections are always one of the most watched things on TV these days. It comes (usually) only once every four years or so and lasts only one night. Can you say exciting? 😛

I can personally vouch for the popularity of following the elections. I don’t have a TV here at res, but I followed it online and were they ever trashed by the amount of visitors. The pages wouldn’t load properly or were slow as heck. The run up to election day had the news stations preparing madly for what they knew would probably be their most watched broadcasts, short of something disastrous. (read, 9/11) Here’s a page I was kindly greeted with around 11PM EST last night.

CBC page went down

Did you watch the elections? Be honest now.


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