I’m Going to Slap Someone

I was just wrapping up work for the night after having slaved over my work report a little while longer, but I just bumped into an article about Research in Motion. Again, it’s about their patents. And again it’s another company suing them for patent infringement. I can’t goddamn believe this. I guess the big settlement with NTP was enough to whet these suckers’ appetites for money. I am sick and tired of these patent lawsuits that are just about these companies looking for a quick buck. The company suing RIM, Visto, has said they won a similar case against another (very small) company. The fine amounted to almost 20% of that company’s revenues from the products Visto alleged they infringed upon. That’s a lot of money for something you didn’t do. Oh, you may have had the idea, but you sure as hell didn’t put it into action. Maybe you didn’t have the capital. Doesn’t matter. Fact is, you contributed very little. And if these companies who have worked hard to get these products out to the market and have made money doing so, they should be congratulated, not slapped with fines from a greedy company.

RIM rejects patent-infringement allegations

I hope these guys get nothing from RIM. Hopefully they’ll pay for the court fees. Perhaps RIM can even launch a counter suit afterwards alleging defamation and make back ‘potential revenue lost due to uncertainty’.

First day of classes went well. 😐

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