I’m Bored…

Well I’m standing around in the Sears in St. Catherines with very little to do. I was wishing that I had my MP3 player here so I decided I’d do something useful instead, that being posting here on the blog with the Blackberry. We just finished up at the Brick and picked up a Sony 50" TV. To say the least I’m quite excited to see it in action. (Aha, I just came upon the first word that I’ve actually had to correct manually, that being ‘see’)

It’s redicilous the amount of people that are shopping today but then again it is Boxing Day… The shopping mall parking lot at this pretty decent-sized place is basically completely full.

It was especially true this morning at BestBuy (WorstBuy). By the time we got there, the TV we hoping to get were long gone, bought by the hardcores who got there at like 6:00am. In any case I was only able to pick up a 200GB harddrive. Tomorrow when we go up to Toronto, I’ll pick up an external enclosure for it. That way formatting the two desktops at home will be way easier (backups and all). Plus I’ll get to take it with me to university so I get a lot more storage… Yeah we’re going to be hooking one of the computers up to the HDTV so dad can play games on it. I can’t wait to try it out either.

So enough writing on this thing. It actually isn’t hard to type on at all. Not a bad piece of hardware at all. I hope RIM doesn’t get shut down in the US.


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