IFA 2012

A major wave of computing products launching with Windows 8 was announced this week, at IFA. It’s exciting, not only because the PC ecosystem is demonstrating its belief in a renewed selling cycle, but also that, for perhaps the first time, we’re seeing hardware designed from the get-go to be tailored to the operating system at its heart. Touch-first devices are everywhere, but so is the emphasis on content creation and productivity, in addition to content consumption.

The focus on making SoC systems work great in Windows 8 has manifested itself in the various Windows RT and Windows 8  PCs, based on Intel’s latest SoC product. Traditional clamshells are taking advantage of the resolution scaling work as well, and then adding touch. And perhaps best of all, PC makers are starting to build brands and awareness around their suite of products. Samsung ATIV, ASUS Vivo. It’ll certainly be easier to remember and associate than (ASUS) Tablet 810.

We also saw the very first commercial Windows Phone 8 device, the ATIV S from Samsung. It seems to have taken the Galaxy S III’s components, for the most part, and slipped them into a nicer, more premium shell. I’m looking forward to more Windows Phone announcements next week, with Nokia’s Wednesday event.


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