IE7Pro Saves Internet Explorer 7

I’ve switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer 7. Oh the horror! It’s true, and it was one simple thing that got me to switch, IE7Pro. IE7Pro is an add-on to Internet Explorer 7 that adds all the features Firefox has that made me a Firefox user. I’ve been getting frustrated with Firefox recently. After a browser window was open for a while, performance would become extremely sluggish. The Mozilla Foundation may like to keep to the line that the ‘memory leak’ is actually a feature, but it’s just not acceptable to me when a browser is eating up 500MB+ of memory.

I’ll briefly go over some of the features that have been added to IE7 that has made browsing pretty much as it was in Firefox, minus the performance issues:

  • Ad-blocking. This is probably the biggest reason I didn’t use IE7 in the past, but IE7Pro has a very customizable filter for blocking advertisements.
  • Flash-blocking. Again, many ads are flash-based nowadays, and the flash-block capability is very handy.
  • Search-as-you-type. This does away with IE7’s default pop-up seach box that doesn’t start searching until you hit the search button and implements something that looks very much like Firefox’s search.
  • In-line spell checking. Pretty useful for blogging and posting on forums. It also supports adding user-defined words.
  • Session saver. Saves sessions. It prompts the user to select which tabs to open if tabs were open when the previous browser session was terminated.
  • Undo closed tabs. Accidentally closed a tab? This is a great feature.
  • Mouse Gestures. Instead of need to rely on browser buttons, you can do all your navigation with some fancy mouse-work.

IE7Pro is extremely customizable. Mouse gestures can be customized, as can various keyboard shortcuts. The advertisement filter is easily added to or removed from and search engine aliases can be created, just as in Firefox (for example, type ‘g ie7pro’ to search for ie7pro with Google).

If you’re disgruntled with Firefox’s issues or are restricted in some way by corporate machines perhaps, give IE7Pro a whirl. It’ll make browsing much more convenient.


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