I Leave You With This

Since I’m currently deep in the middle of midterm studying season, I don’t have much time for writing for this blog. However, since I do spend so much of the time at the computer (online lecture notes are so key), I thought taking a look at this article wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

The Perils of PC Posture

Needless to say, I spend way more time sitting at a computer than the average student and for good reason. They don’t call it computer engineering for nothing. I know my posture isn’t very good at the computer. I sit here for so long that the posture eventually degenerates due to laziness or tiredness. I’ve actually had a sore neck for quite a while now. It’s not a continuous soreness mind you; it only happens if I’ve been at the computer for too long on end. It’s probably because I stick my neck out towards the monitor so much. So today, while reading that article, I decided to take some countermeasures against my poor computer posture. When you’ve been sitting in some weird, awkward position for so long, you don’t really even notice the discomfort, but when I shifted my position, I could immediately feel a difference. I think it’s for the better.

So for anyone else that does a lot of computer work, I’d really suggest reading that article and seeing if you can improve your posture. I’m sure I’ll thank myself when I don’t have some repetitive strain injury in the future.

In totally unrelated news, I’m trying to procure a copy of Windows Vista Beta 2. Anyone have any ideas?

So with this, I leave you. Until at least next Wednesday when I’ll have a little break from midterms.

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