I Knew I Should Have Waited

Well, as I said when WP2.0 came out, I was sure 2.0.1 would come out relatively soon afterwards to address all the bugs that would (inevitably) be found in any new product. But the additions in WP2.0 were very enticing to me. And as you’d have it, here’s 2.0.1 out one month after the initial release. At least they’re good with the fixes. 🙂

WordPress 2.0.1

I’ve downloaded it already and I’ll probably get to upgrading to it tomorrow. There’s 114 bug fixes. The way I see it, although I haven’t had any glaring problems, I’m sure there’s something in there that fixes something I don’t yet know has broken on my 2.0 install.

That and cause I like to be at the forefront of these things. It makes me feel special. 😀

Update: Finished the upgrade already with seemingly no ill effects. Notify me if you find otherwise. Thanks. 🙂

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