Holster, Test Pic, and a Ringtone

After carrying my Sony Ericsson K790a in my pocket for the past week, I realized I desperately need a case for it. After browsing through the entire selection of cases I could find for the K790, I didn’t come up with anything to my liking. I wanted a holster-style case that would allow me easy access to to the phone. All the holster cases I could find for the K790 all had some sort of velcro or magnetic strap over the top. I wanted it to be open.

Thinking back to the Bell Mobility office, I remembered that the Blackberry 7100-series holsters were exactly what I was looking for: open topped. I quickly checked the dimensions of the Blackberry 7100 and compared it to my phone. The only dimension lacking was width, but as long as the thickness made it fit snugly, it shouldn’t move around too much. I managed to get my hands on a Blackberry holster over the weekend and here’s what my K790a now sits comfortably in:


As you can see, the holster’s a bit wide for the phone (the BB’s about 1cm wider than the K790) but the bulge at the camera module makes it fit very snugly so it doesn’t move around one bit. It’s really too good to be true.

Speaking of the camera, I’m fairly happy with the camera on this phone. The Cyber-shot branding clearly states its targeted market. In good lighting conditions, photos rival low end digital cameras. The flash is also extremely powerful; in fact it sometimes produces quite washed-out pictures. Still, typical of a low end camera, purple fringing is pretty severe in bright conditions and noise is relatively high. As well, the noise reduction filter will sometimes blur image elements, making leaves on trees look a little pastel-like.

If the images are shrunk from their 2048×1536 resolution, they look much better. Here’s an example of a picture I took of my street. It’s really pretty good and definitely acceptable if I need to take a quick picture. (click for a larger size)

Finally, I want to comment about (and in the same breath bash) Rogers for the absolutely disgusting choice of ringtones included with this phone by default. Not only do you only get 3, one of them is the Rogers jingle, another is the Sony Ericsson jingle, and the final one is some weird concoction of a hip-hop beat. Being the conservative person that I am, I went looking for a regular, old telephone ring. You’d be surprised just how difficult it is to find a normal ringtone in a day and age when blasting “Imma pop a cap in you!!!! Yeah yeah yeah!” is the notification of choice.

So for all you people looking for something a little more business-like, go here and download the “Old UK Phone” ringtone.


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