Holed Up

I’m currently holed up in the highest building on the campus right now, riding out a huge thunderstorm. While I should be studying calculus, the continuous lightning’s pretty fascinating and scary to watch. The wind’s also starting to pick up. We had a tornado warning earlier today and there’s still a chance of tornados spawning in this storm. It’s an absolutely massive storm, stretching from Windsor (right at the border to the US) all the way up to near Ottawa. I’ll update this post later, but I have to get back to watching this thing. It’s only about 10 or 15 minutes out from where I am now. Exciting times.


3 Replies to “Holed Up”

  1. You know what, I did have my camera. And I even tried to take some shots, but let me tell you, there’s definitely wisdom in the words ‘fast as lightning’. I don’t think of sitting there for 10 minutes trying to catch a shot of a lightning bolt, I caught one decent shot. Yes, I know, just terrible. I probably would’ve had better luck getting a shot if I had just randomly took pictures instead of trying to use my (comparatively) slow as hell reflexes…

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