Hold Me Back

Sometimes I hate technology. Why? Because things like this happen to me. The Acer Travelmate 8200 series.

Acer Travelmate  8200 Laptop
Acer Travelmate  8200 Laptop

I’m having great difficulty holding myself back from buying it. While I’m at it, co-op jobs are the devil. I’m for once in my life getting large, regular paychecks and it’s burning a huge hole in my proverbial pocket. (eg. bank) I’m awfully tempted to blow some of it on such a nice (nice is such an understatement) laptop. Then I must remind myself I really don’t need another one… yet. And I need to save that money for tuition next semester. Ugh.

Another thing, I think the spamming of comments has picked up a lot recently. This is an image of the number of spam comments WordPress’ Akismet spam filter caught for yesterday alone. 77! And then look at the total number of spam comments caught, only 275 since I upgraded to WP2.0, which would have been like what, a few weeks ago now? Cwazy.

Spam spam spam

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