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Well, it seems like there have been quite a few problems with the Live Commenting and LiveSearch used in the Hemmed theme. As a result, I’ve decided to release a new revision of the theme with those features removed. I know I helped a couple people with manually removing it from the theme, but I think this’ll save both you and myself quite a bit of time. So for all of you who have been having problems with the AJAX/browser incompatibilities, try this new version out.


Update: It seems like some people are just seeing this post when they come to this site for the Hemmed theme and miss some of the more important info that should be ingested along with the theme. As a result, I’ll point you in the direction of the original post that contains all of the details that you should know before using this theme. Go have a gander here. Thanks.

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  1. I’m currently using Hemmed with no problems, or none that I know of. I’ve tweaked it a little bit, but really like it. I change my theme frequently, but I’m really liking this one. Thanks.

  2. I got this error after installation >> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_excerpt_reloaded()

    in file index.php Line 17

    Thanks for any advice and a great looking theme!

  3. For some reasons i could not explain, the theme cause my blog to crash… could not open a page (blank). i changed to other theme, and it worked perfectly. Finally, i change to this NON AJAX version and it works fine 🙂
    Thanks again.

  4. Hrmmm… I’m honestly not sure why it would actually cause only a blank page to appear. I’m glad it got sorted out with the non-AJAX version though.

  5. I am testing the Hemmed 1.3.5 (without Ajax) theme. I am wondering if there is a way to display the archive containing all the months, not only one? In other words, start with the most recent month, followed by entries under the previous month, and so on.

  6. Hi there, currently using your ajax-hemmed theme which i have edited to fit my liking. Now that a lot of people has complain of javascript errors when they use IE, i would like to know which php file has the most difference between non-ajax-hemmed and ajax-hemmed, as i do not want to break my site.

  7. Hello! I’m using the ajax-hemmed theme and I’m not having any issues yet. But my question though is a little basic. How do I change the over all font sizes and styles of the theme?

    I’m not that confident with my CSS coding skills so any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  8. Discovered your theme a few days ago and decided to use it. So I hacked it a bit to fit my site, but now I am having some with the Livesearch feature. The AJAX commenting is working fine, but for some reason it seems that the JS or some other component of the livesearch is failing. I didn’t touch that part at all, nor did I touch the header.php, so I have no idea what went wrong.

    I noticed that I get an error_log in the js directory. It says:
    [14-Jun-2006 15:55:09] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/yoavar/public_html/wp-content/themes/hemmed/js/livesearch.js.php:7) in /home/yoavar/public_html/wp-content/plugins/spell_checker/cpaint.inc.php on line 8

    The line numbers change, but this is the message I get all the time.

    Any idea?

  9. Serge – The files you need to modify are the header.php and comments.php files. Once you’ve edited those, searchform.php, comments-ajax.php, detectbrowser.php, livesearch.php, and the js folder become unused, so you can delete them.

    jhay – There are a lot of fields to edit the font of the whole theme. (It probably would’ve been a lot smarter and more intuitive to make everything relative now that I think about it…) If you look through the CSS, most of the fields are named pretty well, so you’ll have to modify the font sizes of things like the headers (h1, h2, etc), body, details, etc. Actually try modifying the body’s font size and see if that’s somewhat global. Sorry that I can’t be more specific.

    dirkhaim – Alright, I think the code’s getting executed out of order so you need to buffer the actions. In your .htaccess file, add this:

    PHP_FLAG output_buffering on

    Or if you can modify your php.ini, then set:


    Hopefully that’ll fix the problem.

  10. I use this theme and i love it, but the only problem is recent comments dont seem to work.Could you help with this
    this is the recent comments part i found in bottombar.php. Anything wrong i got ?

    /images/comment.gif" alt="Comments" />

    Feel free to delete this comment if you think its too long

  11. charlie, your fix worked
    modified the .htaccess and it works great now. many thanks.

    since, I got this live search working now I was thinking maybe it would be good to have some kind of ‘working’ animation in the search results frame that works until the results are fetched, sometimes it takes a second or two and the user (the anxious user) might get lost.
    I would do the patch myself, if you can just tip me in the right direction.


  12. i am using hemmed no ajax. i am not that good in coding i just want to ask how i could show all contents of my blog. and i noticed that i could not put one post only on a page even if i already changed the options.

  13. What do you mean exactly by show all contents of the blog? Do you mean instead of showing the excerpt you want the entire post to be shown when they access the main index page?

    For the second question, do you mean you can’t create new pages?

  14. Hi Charlie. Your work is great especially this one, what I liked most is the bottom part. Well I have a question, it’s like Limmer asking. Instead of showing the excerpt we want the entire post to be shown so they don’t need to click the “Read On”. Can you please help us. Thanks in advance.

  15. Sorry everyone about the hold up. I’ve been busy with exams this week and I don’t really have time to go into a very detailed explanation of this.

    Basically, the theme uses the excerpt function provided by WordPress or the excerpt_reloaded function that is provided by the plugin. To get around that, you need to replace the excerpt function with the full content function in the content div of the Main Index Template. The full details of the content function is explained here.


    Then after you’ve replaced that, you can also get rid of the Read On link in the details div.

    Sorry about the delay in this answer.

  16. hi Charlie. it’s okey for the delayed answer, the good thing is you tried your best to help us. I will try to read the explanation based on the link you given. thanks for sharing this information to us. have a nice day!

  17. I’m not entirely sure what you mean Gutielua? Are you using the excerpt_reloaded plugin? With the base WordPress excerpt function, no html will be parsed and so you wouldn’t get any alignment changes in the excerpt.

    The excerpt_reloaded plugin enables a bunch of different HTML tags to be parsed.

  18. With the base WordPress excerpt function, no html will be parsed and so you wouldn’t get any alignment changes in the excerpt.

    I only add the [div] on the_excerpt_reloaded now work, tnx!

    In fact i did the same fot FLV files.

    Regards from México!

  19. This is a great theme, but I want to ask how I can add a “view previous topics” link on the main page? As it stands, viewers must use the Archive to view previous entries – which is not a big deal, but I would like to be able to view previous topics from the main page.


  20. Actually it’s currently not possible to do that. Perhaps I couldn’t find the right function to use, but to limit the number of posts to 4 on the main page, regardless of what the user sets in the admin options, I had to force it to ONLY take the first four entries. I believe you should be able to easily get around this by removing the function query_posts in the Main Index Template. It should default to what you specify in the admin options for number of posts to show on the main page.

  21. Thanks for the reply. The removal of that function does not work. Since its not possible to add that feature at the bottom, is there a way to have the number of entries next to the topic in the side bar? For example, if there are two postings in the “everything” category, have the everything entry on the side bar look like: everything (2)?

    Thanks again for a wonderful theme. By the way, my blog is http://astronomyonline.org/aoblog

  22. Yep, you definitely can. In the arguments for the wp_list_cats function, add “optioncount=1”. And for the archives, add “show_post_count=1”. You’ll need single quotes, not double quotes for the arguments.

  23. I got my first comment today (I decided to allow comments). I wanted to replace the “Latest Posts” with “Recent Comments;” however, recent comments will not show. I replaced the bottombar file with the origional and teh recent comments still do not show. How can I show this?

  24. Has anyone else had a problem with the main container – content and sidebar – being far off to the right of the rest of the body?

    I’ve tested this on two computers and three browsers (Safari, Netscape, Firefox) and this seems to be part of the code. Maybe this is an IE only theme?

  25. Hmmm it works fine from what I can see. Are you testing it on your blog or does this site look like that? If it’s your blog that’s showing the problem, it could be that something in the content area is pushing everything to the right. You’ll have to be a bit more specific and a link to the page showing the problem would help as well.

  26. The file header.php in this template load the function wp_head() for two times, and it may cause some problems though not easy to be discovered, so you’d better delete the repeated code.

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