I’m going to see Bill Gates!!! OMFGWTFLOLGG!!: ??DDFF@#$%!!!! Yeah, I just checked my emails and I got an email saying that I was chosen to see Bill Gates, when he comes here to UWaterloo. And he’s coming this Thursday. Oh jeez, he is definitely the highest profile person I’ll have ever met. Bill Gates. Me, him in the same place, at the same time, I’m going to watch his little presentation and get to ask him questions and stuff. I can’t friggin believe it.

And I have a co-op interview right after that too. What a day. Holy crap.


4 Replies to “HELLS YEAH!!!11!”

  1. HOLY CRAP! Are you actually going to get to meet him?? Like shake his hand, be intoduced to him? Thats awesome!

    I’m so proud of you! *Runs off crying*

  2. Well, I’m one of about 100 people who actually get to see him in person. They’re broadcasting the thing live into our student life center and all, but I get to be within like 10 meters of him for more than an hour. :p I kinda doubt I’ll actually touch him, but then again, he probably feels much like any other person. I don’t think he even wears fancy shirts. =P

    Whatever, I’m not a big fan of Microsoft per se, but he is like… rich and powerful. 😀

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