I arrived this morning at the office to be greeted by a flurry of emails, press releases and articles about what had just happened. The company had annouced that it would be converting to an income trust. Yes, BCE Inc. Canada’s largest telecommunications company would be reorganized into an income trust to increase shareholder value and stay competitive with Telus, which has also recently announced that it would convert to an income trust. It hardly (actually that should read does not) affects me since I hold no options or shares of BCE, but for most of the full timers there, this has a big influence on their holdings. Hopefully it’ll be for the best.

I’ve been getting the recommended 8 or so hours of sleep each night this past week and I feel great. No more drooping eyelids during the afternoon at the office. I feel totally awake just about all the time now. It’s great not to have to fight off yawn after yawn. If you’re feeling tired all the time, seriously, just catch a little more shut eye. I bet you do have the time if you just plan your day a little better. An hour or two is really not that hard to waste at all, but an hour or two can really make a difference when it comes to sleep.

But I guess I just can’t be left alone. I awoke Tuesday morning with a rippling headache on the left side of my head. Now this in itself is slightly worrying as I extremely rarely get headaches. When I do get that occasional dull pain, it usually goes away after an hour or two at most. This time would be different. It lingered with me the whole day, which already got me worried. I thought a good night’s sleep would make it all better, but to no avail; I awoke this morning with the same headache around the same area of my head. I have no idea what’s going on. It’s getting better I think, but it does pop up now and again. A two day long headache cannot be normal.

I wonder what could be wrong with me?


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  1. It’s definitely west nile. Or bird flu. Or SARS. No doubt about it. You’re dying. Did you take some Tylenol for it? Ps, way to rub in the fact that I don’t get enough sleep πŸ˜›

  2. ur brain is too big… it’s leaking out of your forehead.

    no further explanation necessary.

    BTW, go check out the Oracle building in Sauga sometime. (it’s right across the street from my office). We went there for lunch at their cafeteria…. and man…their lobby… you could fit a family of elephants in there.


  3. lol to both of you. I’ll have to check that out sometime. You can’t even get past the first security check at our office without a security card, not that you’d want to eat at our cafeteria… Oracle has that slack of security?

  4. Mr. Holton was talking about that (Bell becoming an income trust). It takes me about 2 hours for my brain to wake up after my body has, so I missed most of that at the beginning of the class, but it seems like all these companies becoming income trusts can’t be good for the government, what with all the tax benefits and all. Good news for shareholders though, according to Mr. Holton. BTW he was happy to hear from you πŸ™‚

    M2: Total War demo is out…Downloading right now. A blazing 65 kb/s.

  5. I’m sure once you get past the elevators you would need security access to get into specific areas. And i mean, i doubt a gunman has gone into oracle hoping to steal free database software solutions…

    its friday again. going to mcmaster for the weekend..should be fun.

    you gotta find a weekend to stay and we’ll go chill w/ them in toronto. had dinner w/ eddie last week, he’s severely bored in burlington. haha.

  6. Yeah, I’m downloading the demo now too Will. Looks good eh? πŸ™‚ Especially on my new comput0r! πŸ˜€

    Just give me a shout sometime if you want to do something on the weekend. I rarely feel like staying around if I haven’t got any plans. Sitting around alone isn’t exactly my idea of… fun? Aside from PDEng it’s not like I’ve got too much work to do. So yeah, we’ll have to plan something.

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