Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, this will definitely be belated in the area I’m targeting mostly (PEI), but nonetheless, it’s still Valentines for me, at least for another.. 19 minutes.

It also marks just about the middle of the semester. It’s pretty shocking that I’m half way through my work term already and for all you lucky people out there, half way through your second semester, meaning summer break is creeping up. I’m somewhat torn actually. Work terms are definitely a big break from school and it almost feels like a summer break comparatively. There’s so little that must be done outside of work. So once I’m done at 5PM or whatever, I get the whole night to do what I want, not that assignment I know must be done.

Then again, I’m looking forward to the resumption of classes since all those people I know will be returning. And while it’s probably going to be the worst thing in the world to have to study in the summer (I heard the first summer term is absolutely brutal from upper year students. Only a few seemed to like it.) it’s going to be awesome to be around all those people in the summer when we can actually do stuff outside as opposed to the winter when it’s generally brutally cold. I walked about 15 minutes across campus yesterday and I probably came the closest I’ve ever come to actually getting frostbite.

Mmmmm… I’m rambling since there’s really not much to say. And I decided I’m allowed to ramble in this blog again since I’m splitting the tech content out to another blog.

Oh, right. I remember. Happy Valentine’s Day! Betcha don’t know how it really started…


4 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. You’ll always be my valentine chucky. In a completely non-sexual way of course. Getting close to opening the new website…I’m estimating max. two weeks (next week is semester break here so I will be away). Just have to buy a domain now…I think I want a .ca. any suggestions for sites to buy from?

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Sugar is sweet
    And so are you
    (Nick and Chuck thanks for the great emails)

    But the roses are wilted,
    The violets are dead
    The sugar bowl is empty
    And Rene, so is your head.
    (Just joking of course. But I didn’t understand your poem.)

    Did you all get my text messages? (I know you did, Ren. Was it not completely exciting.)

  3. Nice poem Rene. I get it. 😉 Nick should too hehe. Reese, I did not get your message. Now I don’t know if it’s cause I don’t have it enabled or whatnot, but I’ll definitely find out soon (this weekend?).

    Nick, I’m honestly not sure where to get a .ca domain. All I can tell you is to make sure you buy from a place that puts it in your name. Sometimes companies will buy a domain ‘for’ you, but it’s under their name so you can’t manage it yourself, which is a pain. You’re getting a new host?

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