Happy Birthday to Me…

It only comes around once a year, and unfortunately, this year it happens to fall on the day before I start final exams of what will probably be the most difficult semester of computer engineering thus far. Yes, it’s the day I celebrate the anniversary of entering this wonderful world.

Although the 18th and 19th birthdays seem to hold a special place in most people’s minds (no longer a minor and can buy alcohol in Canada, respectively) breaking into the 20’s is a bit of an eye-opener for me. No longer am I in my teens. It’s all very psychological you see.

Here are things of note that have happened over the past year in my life –

  • Have officially spent two years off the Island.
  • Spent countless hours working on multiple labs and projects in my 2B Comp Eng semester.
  • Received the scare of my life.
  • Canadian dollar crosses above parity with the US greenback. This event is celebrated by crossing the border and spending lots of money on things that probably didn’t need to be purchased…
  • Late season spending spree – NVIDIA 8800GT, Nokia N800, Samsung P2. Wallet groans.
  • This site gains a Google Page Rank of 6.

Happy 20th, Charlie. Now, get back to studying.


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