Good To Know It’s Not Just Me

Since recently I’ve been posting non-life related stuff, I thought I’d give you an update. You guys are probably thinking I’ve lost myself in the computer game fantasy world, but I haven’t trust me. 😉 Otherwise this post wouldn’t exist.

So Sunday we went to Niagara Falls, like the actual falls. We took a walk along the parkway they’ve got there. It’s really quite nice what they’ve done with the place. Then again if you get 12 million people there per year, it’d better look half nice. Then it got us thinking, wow, 12 million people. Say these tourists each spent on average $100 here. That’s like over a billion dollars in tourism revenue, for the city alone. That’s uhh, pretty big considering all of the PEI’s anual budget is somewhere around there. Then again, $100 could be something we just pulled out of you know where. However I’d be pretty certain its that or higher based on the nice hotels, casinos and restaurants that litter the waterfront. Mind you, I say litter in the nicest way possible. Although, it is a little overcommercialized…

We also went to the flower garden thingy there in the park. For my mom. I was largely indifferent, well, kinda boring actually, but hey, it’s not just about me, me me right? Pretty warm day that day so I didn’t mind being out in the sun anyways.

Oh I’ve finally got the replacement router back. At first I thought they fubar’d up the RMA, in which case I would be very angry, but it seems to be working fine so far. And thus, I’ve been able to implement the little plan I’ve been looking forward to all summer. I’ll write something up dedicated to it later. I’m liking it quite a bit so far. 😀

Now onto the serious stuff. The reason behind the title for this post. You see I had a very difficult time leaving the Island and friends behind when I moved here. To be honest, I never really talked to anyone about my feelings. Kept them shoved down somewhere. Anywho, the other day I happened to see a UT buddy on XFire where he messaged me. We talked about UT for a little bit, but he obviously wanted to talk about something else. You see, he was saying his goodbyes that night to his friends as he was setting off to college the next day. His things were packed away and everything seemed pretty final. Instead of just listening, I found myself taking an active part in the conversation. After all, I had been through the same thing just a month or so earlier. It was so nice to be able to actually talk to someone who was going through the exact same steps. That was the first time I really got anything off my chest about the matter. It’s somewhat ironic that we two of all people would be talking about the matter; relative strangers.

In any case, if you read this, Defy, I want you to know that you helped me out more than you could know and I hope I eased your pains a little bit too. Those farewells are merely temporary. We’ll see the people we care about again.


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  1. Hey Chuck,

    I just wanted to let you, and everyone else who reads your blog, that I have changed my address (due to those &§%&/§”!” spammers) to

    Great post chuck. And its true it is temporary, even if it does hurt at the time. Believe me, it hurt knowing that I was virtually alone and cut off from everything I knew. I am excited too though as I am sure you are to start this new chapter in your life.

    P.S – Spread the word about the address change plz

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