Go Lick Nuts, Fraudulent Bidders!

Since I didn’t have too much luck selling my laptop (Z71V) on a notebook forum that I am a member at, I decided to try my luck at selling it on eBay. I had heard the horror stories about bogus buyers and Nigerian princes, but I figured if I limited it to North America and PayPal-only users, I’d be safe. Apparently not. My laptop somehow sold for $7,000 USD. As a result, I’ve wracked up over $130 in eBay final value fees.

This is a load of bull. There is way too much fraud on eBay – and what’s worse than that, there’s no way to protect yourself from it. I thought I was doing a good job limiting the exposure to potential scammers, but apparently not. I’ve sent eBay a terse email about the unreasonable bids (I’m certain the buyer has no intention of actually purchasing it for that price) and hopefully things get cleared up. I know for sure I do not plan on paying that final value fee.

Seriously, why can people get a fucking life and stop messing around in legitimate business! It seems like where there’s money, there will be scumbags. Fuck, I’m so goddamned frustrated.

Update: Well, I got a nice, fake PayPal email from a Nigerian scammer – I’m not sure which part of Canada and United States only he didn’t understand. Last I checked, Nigeria wasn’t the 51st state of America. Having sent in my complaint to eBay, they at least promptly voided the entire auction, so I’m back in square one, with laptop still unsold. There were actually legitimate buyers, but no… the scammers had to ruin it for all of us.


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  1. I used to eBay all the time back in high school. Not so much anymore. I’ve started browsing around on the site again lately and I have to say the site sucks. It constantly logs me out and then erases any cookies it leaves so not even my username is left in the sign in field. It’s a piece of junk. $7000 eh? Wow, you sure got (un)lucky and were the subject of a scam. Has the winner contacted you at all? Maybe they’re just morons and will dish out the 7 grand? Ah well, one can always dream I guess.

  2. Yeah, I’ve updated with some new info – I got a pretty convincing fake PayPal email… from a Nigerian… who definitely didn’t actually pay me…

  3. I share your pain….I tried this with two older laptops I had previously purchased on eBay. After months of trying to get a hold of someone to reverse this and chatting on they’re useless online help for hours on end multiple times where I was told they would take care of it it was finally credited to my eBay account. Unfortunately I still await it to be credited back to my master card. The real kicker is a 700Mhz laptop sold for 5000$ and my 1Ghz old inspiron sold for 15000$ …if only they were real…..

    As it turned out someone has hijacked peoples accounts and bought my items. I got emails from eBay and the original owners of the accounts saying it was a fraudulent bid.

    I’m very disappointed with eBays setup and even more so that I was auto-setup for auto-payment to them when I didn’t authorize it…..bastards..

  4. Yeah, well, luckily I wasn’t set up with some autopayment dealio. Still it’s quite annoying. My second attempt at listing the item on eBay didn’t turn out any better. The bidder was a fraud (blah, blah, blah, sob story about his kid in Nigeria, so I should ship it there…). I seriously don’t understand how this person would think I’d ship it to Nigeria when I already said I wouldn’t be shipping outside of North America. He’s wasting his time and mine.

    And the kicker is, there’s no real way to prevent these scammers from bidding, short of manually filtering each bid, and even then, it would be difficult to catch all of them. EBay needs to do something to reduce the number of fraudulent bidders running around. I know I’m done with trying to sell my laptop there. They lost my business.

  5. Yep, I’ve found the same problem. Currently selling a Nokia phone on Ebay, but already the bidders are getting on my nerves. I’m in the UK and have SPECIFICALLY stated that I will only ship to the UK. Of course, I’ve had the influx of Nigerian emails, but some of these idiots are actually bidding now! They don’t care because 1 in every 100 will fall for the scam, so they win. Ebay does need to do something about this, because so many of us are being affected. Some dumb Spanish guy has now decided to bid (and checking through his feedback, he’s done this before) so I have no option but to sell it to him if he wins, or cancel the auction (wasting my time).

  6. I’m certain it would be difficult for eBay to do much more than they currently are, without severely inconveniencing legitimate users; however as it stands, eBay is not my prime choice for selling larger ticket items anymore. It’s just too painful, and many times with that item’s price as time sensitive as computer hardware, having to relist 3 or 4 times before actually selling it means it has easily lost 5-10% of its value over that month and a half of attempts.

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