Give Thanks for the Work You Have

Long weekends usually mean a lot of activities, or at the least waking up late and doing little to no work. This Thanksgiving will be different. It’ll simply mean a more relaxed environment for work. Having VPN access is a double-edged sword; sure I get more flexibility, but it also means that many times I’ll need to do work outside of normal hours. This weekend is one such example.

After smashing my head through an Exchange server access issue with WebDAV, I was pulled into an impromptu meeting regarding the state of the UI development for the project I’m working on. Boiled down, the meeting came to – we’re tracking behind schedule because a bunch of the tasks that were assigned the past week weren’t actually on the project plan, so although they were necessary, they don’t count towards ‘progress’. Now that’s a bit of an oversight which should get corrected in the future (task oversights on the project plan will actually get added, so it doesn’t look like absolutely nothing’s been accomplished), but still a bit disappointing to hear for the most recent week. I’ve also been pulled into a lot of server-side development so my contributions haven’t been completely to UI either, which didn’t help.

The goal set out for the coming week is to get back on or ahead of track on the UI front. It should come with little surprise that it simply means more overtime. I’ve already clocked some overtime, but this weekend and the upcoming week will see the bulk of that. I’m awfully grateful for the hourly pay – I’m no stranger to working more than a standard 40 hour work week at previous co-op jobs, but it’s a bit different to expect 50 hour+ weeks without any sort of benefit.

Look on the bright side of all that work – at least I have a job, which is more than can be said for so many people when this global financial crisis finally rolls through. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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