Getting in a Festive Mood

The first permanent snowfall of downtown Toronto fell this evening as I walked home from work. These past few days have been extremely long. It’s the last few weeks of development before the project I’ve been a part of launches. Even more than usual with the aggressive timeline we’ve been working on, the bug fixing and polishing has really stretched the working day. I’ll let you know more about the service when the release date is upon us.

I spent much of the weekend walking and shopping at the Eaton Centre and on Bloor Street. In the end, I came away somewhat empty handed (only a book), but I wasn’t ready to spend $400 on a Swiss Army cardigan at Harry Rosen… I was initially looking for a Fred Perry one, but they were nowhere to be found.

Despite not having purchased much of anything, all that perusing left me in quite the festive mood. I broke out the Christmas music from the storage archives and loaded up my Zune with some holiday tunes. In particular, I’ve been listening to Michael Buble’s album ‘Let It Snow‘. It simply doesn’t get much better than some Christmas vocal jazz.

I’ve also been working with Rogers to sort out some issues with my iPhone. I was told that I had to try the phone on 2G for a few days (despite being an iPhone 3G the last time I checked) before anything else would be considered. After doing just that, I called back earlier today only to find that I’ll need to work with Rogers’ network group to troubleshoot the phone/their network. I’m glad I’m paying them so that I can be their ad hoc QA team… I’m pretty fed up with the iPhone at this point (two physically defective devices, then this craptacular replacement that can’t hold a signal worth a damn), so I’ll be pushing for a different device, possibly the BlackBerry Bold. I noted earlier that the Bold isn’t the optimal device for my purposes, but at this point, I just want something that works.

For the remainder of the week, I’m hoping to cut back from the 12 hour+ days I’ve been pulling, for my own sake. I don’t feel particularly tired while at work, but I really feel it on my walks home and now, for example. I hope you can understand the lack of posting here over the last couple weeks.


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  1. I think you might have an Apple curse on you. I’ve never had one tenth the amount of problems with my Apple devices as you’ve had – especially concerning the iPhone. I think it’s a fantastic piece of technology and even with it’s problems (which, for the record, can be fixed via simple firmware upgrade) it’s better than any other cell phone/smartphone I’ve ever used. What’s been wrong with all the ones you’ve had, anyway? The only thing that was ever wrong with mine was the home button stopped working consistently (and between you, me and the internet it was because I stepped on my iPhone while drunk). Oops.

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