Garmin nüvi 755T

I picked up a Garmin nüvi 755T earlier today from Future Shop during its Web Deal of the Day. While the original $549 price was inflated, it was marked down to $249, which was a steal.

Garmin nüvi 755T

I’ve found my iPhone’s Google Maps and GPS capabilities to be two of its most useful, but really shouldn’t be used while driving. I’d been on the lookout for a GPS unit, but wasn’t impressed with the around $300 prices for a mid-end unit.

The 755T is a 4.3″ widescreen unit with built in FM traffic updates, although that apparently only works in Toronto and Montreal for the time being. Still, lane assist and a smooth user interface should make it more enjoyable to use than a lower end model.


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  1. There is no monthly fee for use of the GPS or the traffic feature on this unit.

    The 755T uses FM traffic info, and is free. However some of the other units use MSN Direct which includes traffic data and other features, such as weather, local gas prices and more. That service is subscription based.

  2. Any update on the unit now that you’ve had it for a period of time? I’m intersted in the same unit currently. TIA.

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