French Vanilla

Yums, French Vanilla ice cream is good.

In other news…

It seems like we left a couple boxes of stuff when we were moving so the moving guys brought them to our house the other day. We didn’t notice we were missing something. I’m glad they did. Well, the boxes contained, amoung other things, my Governor Genernal Medal and all the plaques I received at graduation. I think I would’ve shat myself if I realized we were missing them. But they’re safely in my possession again. My precious…

I’ve been doing a lot more of three things recently it would seem. First, I’ve been perusing the tech forums in the search of people needing help. For some reason or other, I really enjoy discussing technological developements, mostly computers, with people. Also helping people is a great feeling. That’s not to mention the fact that many come on the forums to ask what to buy. It’s kind of funny they’re entrusting their thousands of dollars to total strangers. Must say that there’s still some good left in this world, apart from all the hate, killing, etc.

Second I’ve been hitting up Unreal Tournament 2004. Now if you truly know me, you’ll know I had a sort of, well, obssession with Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 back in the day. I played Bombing Run back then and I played competitively. Just think of it like the equivalent of, hmm… soccer, except you shoot a bomb through a hoop and you kill people to get there. =P Anyways, that game type has essentially died now. I recently hit up some random servers including deathmatch, onslaught, and invasion. I came upon a server with a RPG mod for invasion. Basically you kill monster dudes and you gain experience which leads to new levels and therefore upgraded stats. It’s pretty addictive as you try to level up as much as possible. I’ve been playing for about a week now and I’m at level 70. To give you an idea of what that really means, each map takes about 30 minutes to play and you gain 2-3 levels per map on average. So basically I’ve played for like 15 hours already. Eh, it’s addictive what can I say?

Lastly, I’ve been hitting the books decently hard. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. For some odd reason, I’m actually enjoying learning calculus right now. It’s pretty challenging but it’s quite a feeling when you finally understand. More so because I’m learning it on my own. Understanding, that’s always been something that high school didn’t really push. As long as you did the problems half right, you were good to go. You didn’t need to know why or how really. Just take your formula and plug away. I don’t want to start off behind so I don’t mind putting in a few hours here and there to prepare myself. Anyways, I’m trying to learn some self discipline here and studying in the summer’s about as hard as it gets. Haha.

Oh yeah, the furniture we (I mean my parents…) bought has finally arrived. They’re coming to deliver it to our place tomorrow. I haven’t even seen a picture of what it should look like so it’ll be a surprise to me. The dining area does look a little empty right now, with absolutely nothing but a few plants. =P

Anyways, I’ve got a few articles on the go right now. I haven’t been able to sit down and write even one of the three to completion so they’re all have saved in Word still. I’ll try to finish one up soon. But for now, that’s all, as I go off to do some more calculus at nearly midnight. Doesn’t seem like my brain shuts off late at night which is good.

Hrmmm, just remembered something. I still haven’t submitted my photo for the ID card thing. That has like everything on it including my meal plan, student number, need it for official marks and stuff like that. Wonder what would happen if I don’t get it in on time… [don’t even think about trying that Charlie]


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  1. Sounds like you are having a busy but good time! It’s good to hear that you are de-rustifying your piano skillz 😉 Would be terrible to have all that talent go to waste!

    I may check out this UT mod…I need a good comp game to keep me occupied! Do you need to download the mod, or is it just a server you go to?

    Have fun eating your French Vanilla ice cream………:D

  2. Damn….I just realized that the demo doesn’t have invasion as a game mode, so it must be a full version thing.

    I guess now that I think about it, it would be a bit of a waste of time to make a mod for a demo…. 🙁

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