Forcing Function

Only a month left in my Microsoft internship. Whew. Time flies!

I feel like I should start wrapping up my projects before my last week here; leaving it that late is always a bit of a setup for disaster. Things never quite go as one plans, and if no explicit schedule is set up for these final weeks, deadlines will inevitably drag. And in Program Management lingo, schedules provide a nice forcing function.

I went to the 2010 Seattle Auto Show on Sunday, and ogled some sweet, sweet driving machines. I sat in vehicles I had no business being in at my age and got up close and personal with the Tesla Roadster’s electric engine. There were the typical Toyotas, Fords, Lexus (Lexii?), Acuras, Mercedes, BMWs, GMs, and Hondas. But then there were the exotics: Fisker, Tesla, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Maserati, Lambo, and Ferrari. Interestingly enough, one of the cars that garnered the most attention was a Hyundai! The Equus was set on a rotating pedestal, doors open, showing the crazy interior, LED headlamps, adaptive cruise control, rear adjustable massage seats, a complete entertainment system, garish chrome grill, and no Hyundai badge – and all at a price of less than $50k when it comes to the United States next year, according to the lady giving the spiel.

Ferrari F430
No, that’s not the Equus – that’s the Ferrari F430

Back on the topic of work and career, my order for The Humane Interface and Don’t Make Me Think arrived from Amazon today. My passion lies in user experience and design, so I thought it was about time I read some of the books in the field. I attended a talk by a Microsoft PM last week on effective user interface design, which referenced these two books. I chatted with the speaker afterward, and she gave glowing reviews on the books so I went home and put in an order.


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