Fixes All ‘Round

Well, I spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon fixing up some of the themes you can find around here. Most notably, Hemmed and Altitude both have support for WordPress Widgets. Amalgam and Lessen both got various little fixes, mostly for correct some alignment problems and so forth. Nothing major. While I would have liked to incorporate widget support in those two themes, the way the sidebar is structured, it just doesn’t lend very well to them. I’d pretty much have to rewrite the whole sidebar html as well as the CSS to get it working properly. Well, honestly I don’t really have that much time for that. Plus, it seems like by a long shot Altitude and Hemmed are more popular anyways. We’ll see, if widgets become extraordinarily popular (probably will…) and there’s a demand for updating, then I may take a day, sit down and rewrite the sidebar.

Oh and I haven’t tried all the widgets, but they seem to work fine. The search one is sort of messed up, but I don’t really see why you’d want to use that since both themes have search functions at the top of the template. As well, the links widget is adding list tags around the widget for some reason. I’ve written up the functions.php so that it shouldn’t do this, but nonetheless, it wants to. The other widgets don’t, so I’m not sure if it’s something wrong on my side or if the widget is just a little broken…

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  1. I love your twist with the Hemingway-theme, the fixed width, the colors, spacing, ‘ajaxian’-comment-box, the more traditional frontpage with a useful sidebar, then the bottom is an xtra plus! etc.! Good work! Will you release it under CCL or something? 😎

    Maybe you should consider another name for the theme. ‘Hemmed’ is a bit…, well.
    What about: “Papa” … !?

    HS 😉
    Oslo, Norway

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. There are still some things to be fixed and improved upon as that is always the way it is with this sort of thing. But it’s definitely developing into something I wanted from the beginning.

    As for releasing it under CCL or whatever, you can already grab the template. I’ve released it under GPL, which I think means something along the lines of take it, modify it if you wish, do whatever you want with it.

  3. Uh oh. I see what you mean. Umm, well, it’s going to be a little tough for me to fix since I don’t really have IE5.5 to test with. Actually you can see the same sort of problem (I presume) if you look up my site under Google’s cache. The posts seem to get chopped off by the bottom bar as well. I have some reading to do anyways. One person commented with a suggestion to read W3C’s box model, which I plan on doing this weekend. Perhaps something will come of it, although Microsoft isn’t exactly known for following W3C standards anyways.

    I’ll try my best, but unfortunately, with my limited resources, I can’t promise anything. Maybe suggest that your friend try out Firefox? 😉

  4. Thanks for the cool themes you made for wordpress. I just starting playing around with it, so I hope one day you will support widgets for ease of use.

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