First Day at Indigo

The fall work semester began yesterday, and I wrapped up a day of work and the longest commute I’ve ever done. I’m actually on the train, on my way to work again, as I write this. One interesting by-product of the otherwise overkill 6GB data plan I have with my iPhone is now being put to use a tethered bandwidth so I can be a bit more productive during these 4 hours I seem to lose out of my day. When I get a slightly more capable computer back (M1330’s still dead), I’m going to see if I can bring some work to do on the road, since my travel schedule makes my work-day inflexible to long hours.

I, along with 3 other developer co-ops were tentatively presented with a schedule of some of the tasks to be done. With the nearest deadline set at mid-September and quite a bit of work to be done, I feel working the regular 8 hours a day isn’t going to cut it. As stated in the interview, I will get the unique opportunity of working on both the UI as well as functional parts of the web application. It should be quite a challenge. The initial tasks are quite challenging and as the team lead said, ‘these aren’t junk jobs; we’re not even sure exactly how to do them yet’.

Aside from reading a lot of documentation and setting up our computers, we didn’t do much yesterday. Speaking of computers, for the first time, I’m not getting hand-me-downs from the full time employees. In fact, I think we got the cream of the crop – 22” widescreens and Core 2 Duo desktops with 3GB of RAM. Here’s to Visual Studio not freezing the computer all the time!

The plan for today is 5 hours of presentations on the details of the project we’ll be working on. There’s a pretty ambitious schedule, so planning and task breakdowns will be very important. The project itself sounds very interesting, but I do have some questions about its viability as well, questions that will hopefully be answered today. If I’ve discovered anything thus far, it’s that even in the role of developer, I still concern myself with the success of the product in the market and not just the success of the code build.


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  1. When I first read the title I thought you had decided to quit the entire co-op program and just get a job at Indigo Bookstore, hahahahaha. Ooops. In other, unrelated news, I’m finally upgrading to 2GBs of RAM and getting a much larger HDD (160 GB vs. my current 80 GB) some time this weekend, woooo! It’ll feel like a brand new system.

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