Finishing 2A

Tomorrow is the last day of lectures for my 2A semester at the University of Waterloo. After that, I have exactly one week before my first final exam, Data Structures and Algorithms. Don’t expect me to keep up the already anemic level of posting over the next three weeks or so. My last exam is on the 20th of April. I’m quite guilty of falling behind in almost every single course (the assignments in Calculus have forced me to keep up somewhat) since midterms and it’s going to be a hell of a time to do some catching up. The numerous parties that will be happening over the next couple days won’t help either.

After my last exam, I’m planning on taking a little trip up to Montreal to meet up with some friends from PEI. It was a spur of the moment idea; we just worked out the details earlier today. I had been planning on visiting the Island again this summer, but due to the late final exams and work at Sybase starting on April 30th, I’m not going to be able to make it back to for any length of time. This trip to Montreal will have to suffice. I’m still quite disappointed; a good friend will be moving out to Calgary this August and around the same time, Nick‘s family will be moving as well and I won’t be there to say goodbye to either of them.

Things change. I can only hope for the better. Here’s to 2A though.


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  1. Check your calendar kid, I’m heading out of the Island on or around May 2nd/3rd, not in August. Since we’re driving, I’ll try and see if we can’t make a little pit stop and drive through your city somehow. Perhaps stop for a bit and have some coffee or something before I continue out west?

  2. Oh yeah, for some reason, I turned May into August magically. Reese and Nick actually told me specifically what day in May even… Good game memory?

    Yeah, feel free to drop by on your trip out west. I’d imagine it’d be somewhat out of the way, but hey, this’ll be the last time in a while right?

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