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I don’t know if this is supposed to be happening, but I’m having some issues with this new widgets plugin. I spent some time this evening rejigging the Hemmed theme to incorporate the necessary modifications to get widgets to work with it. Well, I can say I had moderate success. The changes I made were clearly correct, but the widgets didn’t seem to want to work consistently. I had two what seemed to be identical blog installations, but only one of them would add the new widgets option under Presentation in the administration area. As a result, I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong. The one that works seems to be working fine and I can add and remove components in the sidebar with no problems. The other one, well I can’t even get far enough to test that. I’ll work on it more tomorrow to see if I can narrow down the issue I’m having. If anyone else is having some trouble with getting the plugin to work properly, I’d appreciate any information. I’ve been using this guide to install the plugin itself, but it’s a little contradictory, so I just followed the graphical example. I’m a visual guy after all.

Install Tree

So where is the scriptaculous folder actually supposed to be placed?

In any case, with what I saw on the blog that got this working properly, it seems very slick and promising, especially for novice bloggers. I personally don’t mind going in and hacking a piece of the sidebar, but the more WYSIWYG-like the whole administrator section gets, the more appealing it’ll be for everyone. I’m just glad I picked WordPress as my blogging engine of choice after moving from Blogger.

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