Fighting Terrorism

In this dangerous world we live in today, we rely on the armed forces of the free countries to protect us from repression and fear. To battle the enemy, our troops must be equipped with the best we’ve got. That means Kevlar, armoured carriers, advanced weaponry and

Tim Hortons?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Canadian Armed Forces would like to show their true patriotism by drinking tried and true, Tim Hortons coffee. Better yet, they’ll probably do as the Canadian travelers do and attach large Tim’s mugs to their gun barrels, helmets and tanks.

Thanks to Tim Hortons, our troops are in safe hands.

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2 Replies to “Fighting Terrorism”

  1. “…Tim Hortons’ legendary coffee.”

    From almost all the people that didn’t grow up in Tim Horton’s contolled land, tims coffee is sick.

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